Alison @ HPSoapcraft

Hi! I'm Alison. I began soapmaking in 1998 after one of my friends received a kit for the holidays and invited me over to try it with her. While she wasn't hooked, I definitely was. I begged my family for a few basic supplies as the only gifts I wanted for the holidays that year, and that was all it took.

I started HPSoapcraft in 2015 on a selling app called Poshmark. I used my knowledge of creating bath care along with my knowledge of fragrances to make vegan and cruelty free products in my interpretation of designer scents. My handmade bath care and fragrances were lovingly received by many. After hundreds of sales, many happy customers, and a consistent 5 star rating, I moved over to Etsy in 2016. From there, I accumulated thousands of sales and even more happy customers, maintaining the 5 star rating through Etsy as well.

I moved Zibbet in June of 2018 simply because I feel that it's important to maintain consistency through my prices, and to pass that along to my buyers. With Etsy hiking up their fees, and even taking a percentage of shipping costs (!!!) I feel like it was time to move on instead of forcing my buyers to pay more for the same excellent products that they have gotten all along. My goal is to create excellent and affordable bath care and fragrances that won't break the bank, and I am committed to do just that.

Vegan & cruelty free bath care in designer fragrances

Welcome to HPSoapcraft! We make all natural, cruelty-free vegan bath care products and perfumes in your favorite fragrances.

Our current turnaround time is 10-14 days due to our queue of orders. If you have any questions or fragrance suggestions that you'd like to see us carry in our shop, please send us a message.

Find us on Instagram at @hpsoapcraft
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